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What Type of Student Aid Can A Non-Citizen Get?

What Type of Student Aid Can A Non-Citizen Get?

If you’re not a United States citizen, you might be wondering what type of student aid a non-citizen gets. Receiving financial aid is one of the best ways to fund a college education, and provided you meet certain criteria, being approved for aid as a non-citizen isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.

Before you fill out your application, it’s a good idea to learn about the requirements you must meet as a non-citizen to receive student aid.

What Type of Student Aid Can a Non-Citizen Get?

In the U.S., eligible non-citizens can receive federal financial aid. Although it may be possible to also receive state and college-sponsored aid as a non-citizen, there will probably be additional requirements that you will have to meet. You should first apply for federal aid and then apply for other aid packages if you need additional funding.

The financial aid office at your college or university should be able to tell you what qualifications you will need to fulfill as a non-citizen.

Basic Requirements for Student Aid

If you are considering filing for federal aid but aren’t a U.S. citizen, then there are a variety of requirements you must meet. Primarily, you will need to prove that you are an eligible non-citizen who is legally allowed to live, work, and study in the United States. You can prove this in one of two ways.

First, you can be a U.S. national, which includes people either from the Swains Islands or American Samoa. Second, you can be a U.S. permanent resident who possesses either Form I-151, I-551, or I-551C. Form I-551C is more commonly known as a green card.

You may also be able to qualify for federal financial aid if you have received an Arrival-Departure Record from the USCIS.