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Q. You Mentioned Online Dating Scams… How Do Those Work, And How Can I Avoid Them?

Q. You Mentioned Online Dating Scams… How Do Those Work, And How Can I Avoid Them?

Some dates from these hookup apps will offer to pick you up, but for the first one, politely decline and arrange to transport yourself. This allows you to leave immediately for the cab, the car, an Uber, or subway station if things do not work out.

Meet in Public

Meeting in a well-lit, public place like a restaurant, park, coffee shop, or attraction is always ideal when you meet someone through free dating sites. Here you can get to know your person in a place where others are nearby. For the first date, keep all activities in public until you get to know them better- then you can talk about going back to their apartment or home.

Tell A Friend

Find a friend or family member you can trust and tell them where you will be, when you will be back, and what you will be doing. For extra safety, you can use the app Find My Friends, or you can have a friend tag along in a discreet way- for example, have a friend position themself as a customer using their laptop in the coffee shop where you and your date will meet.

Do Some Research

Your friends might joke around about �Facebook Stalking,� but it’s okay to take a look at the profile of your date before meeting them up. Don’t feel bad about looking around briefly hookup bar Anaheim on their pages- after all, this can help you verify you’re meeting a real person and not a catfish.

Don’t Give in to Pressure

It’s okay not to want to meet up right away. Some profiles might indicate that �If you don’t want to meet, don’t bother,� and if that’s the case, it’s best to just swipe on by.

Don’t feel pressured to meet somebody until you are completely ready.