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Why you ought to decide to try the awesome reverse cowgirl place

Why you ought to decide to try the awesome reverse cowgirl place

He already LOVES whenever you’re on the top, which means you can’t get wrong with this specific sexy trick.

Prepared to discover an enjoyable intercourse position that’s hot for both both you and your fan? Then saddle up for Reverse Cowgirl.

The opposite Cowgirl intercourse position defines sex because of the feminine at the top, dealing with far from her partner. Regular Cowgirl is a woman over the top, facing her enthusiast. Switching it by dealing with away has a couple of advantages — and a challenges that are few.

Here’s everything you need to find out about the opposite Cowgirl intercourse position.

Why Reverse Cowgirl Is Hot

As with any sex that is female-on-top, Reverse Cowgirl puts you in control of penetration. While you are at the top, you’re able to get a handle on the rate, angle and level of penetration in accordance with exactly what seems most effective for you. This can be a game that is huge in exactly exactly how enjoyable sexual intercourse feels for your requirements.

Another advantage? It is simple to touch your clitoris that is own while top. Keep in mind, about 70 per cent of females don’t have sexual climaxes through sexual intercourse alone. The majority of women require direct stimulation that is clitdental oral sex or manual stimulation to achieve orgasm. Therefore we recommend you train your companion in how exactly to offer you sexual climaxes before centering on including brand new intercourse roles.

You’ll realize that if the enthusiast takes care of you first before you move on to sexual intercourse, you’ll be more aroused and prepared for penetration. Then, to help keep the orgasms coming, include clitoral stimulation during intercourse. The Reverse Cowgirl position is ideal for adding clitoral stimulation as you ride away.