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7 Best Blogging Platforms For Brand New Freelance Home Writers

7 Best Blogging Platforms For Brand New Freelance Home Writers

If you’re getting started being a freelance journalist you’ll want to start blog posting, but where would you start? First, you need to determine what may be the blogging platform that is best to make use of and what you need to achieve along with your weblog.

The blogging that is best-known are WordPress and Blogger sufficient reason for valid reason. They have stood the test of the time, offer integrated audiences, plus they both offer free protection certificates for the web log. However they may be constraining when you yourself have particular objectives, and there are numerous other worthy options out here.

We have collected a few of the blogging that is best platforms to explore, whether you are diversifying your content reach or building your freelance writing profile from scratch.

No matter what blogging platform you select, make every effort to back your content offsite, because outages and problems can occur to anybody, along with your content is the livelihood.

Why don’t we have a look at a number of the blogging platforms that are best nowadays for brand new article writers:


Moderate is growing among the top blogging that is free, drawing organizations and writers to its ranks. With a clean, easy-to-use content administration system, password-free login and analytics when you need it, Medium ensures you will keep coming back usually to create content that is new.