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Let me tell you about How-To Properly Clean Your RV Fresh Water Tank

Let me tell you about How-To Properly Clean Your RV Fresh Water Tank

While we know our RV’s black and gray holding tanks are dirty (they contain waste, after all), our freshwater holding tanks need regular and thorough cleaning too. Here’s the easy process to get your fresh water holding tanks so clean you can drink out of them.

You can use this technique on any truck camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome. Heck, you can use this procedure on your boat or yacht as well!

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We’ve asked our friend Jim Tome of Kleen Tank for his professional advice by writing this guest blog. We’ve met Jim at a Heartland Owners Club Rally a couple years ago and he’s been instrumental on setting the record straight on tank flushing, cleaning and maintenance information. Who better than to get it right from the source. So, we thank Jim for taking the time to share with us the proper way of doing this.

Yuck, mold!

Quite simply, it’s mold. The inside of all of your RV’s holding tanks is an environment — especially in the summer or during other hot, humid weather — ripe for the growth of molds and odor-producing bacteria.

But it’s also a dirty fresh water holding tank that is also likely contributing to the problem.