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Relationship advice for MRF operators seeking to renegotiate and teach

Relationship advice for MRF operators seeking to renegotiate and teach

Consulting firms GBB, HDR and RRS shared advice on navigating these rapidly changing and usually sensitive and painful times during the MRF Operations Forum in Chicago.



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The recycling industry is certainly going through a period that is transformational changes are occurring at a quicker speed than at numerous points in contemporary history. All stops over the recycling supply chain, including MRFs, therefore have experienced to reconsider why is an recycling business that is economically viable.

This week, speakers discussed strategies for operators to successfully maneuver through the changing landscape, with communication and relationship-building emerging as a key theme during a panel at the MRF and Recycling Plant Operations Forum in Chicago.

Representatives from a few of the industry’s many high-profile consulting companies recommended various entities linked with the recycling industry haven’t necessarily communicated well with one another about needs and conditions in past times. Now, they state MRFs should rework and bolster these relationships in the years ahead. Including, which could suggest completely interacting to clients the brand new challenges and expenses related to attempting to effectively gather or offer recyclable product in an environment where materials aren’t going.

Kerry Sandford, senior consultant at RRS, said “the present situation is a concern of relationships” between processors, haulers, communities and end areas. He recommends MRFs think about a collection of concerns whenever examining the way that is best to navigate present market challenges: “What is the relationship with all the communities you provide? Are you currently interacting the issues? Do they comprehend those issues? And so are you collectively, together with them, working through the solutions?”