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last week we had this kind of good time! If only every time of ours had been like this.

last week we had this kind of good time! If only every time of ours had been like this.

38. You’re simply too hot.

39. Tonight i’m ordering food. You in?

40. You’re on my brain now, i simply can’t get to sleep.

41. Let me know one thing: why do we smile such as for instance a dummy whenever you text me personally?

42. We get together completely just like a spoon and Nutella.

43. I still don’t know how it is done by you. You constantly simply just take my breathing away!

44. Whenever can we see you once more?

45. We gotta share something: you will be absolutely the absolute most interesting individual We have ever met.

46. Are you currently real? You may be so dreamy.

47. No body else knows me personally the real means you will do.

48. Right now all i’d like is usually to be curled up in your hands and feel you adopting me personally.

49. I believe my lips and yours must have a meeting that is personal. ASAP.

50. I do want to consume together and just chillax.

51. Today i really miss you.

52. A kiss burns 7 calories each minute. Want to exercise?

53. exactly How will be your time going to date? I must satisfy a certain man that is handsome tonight.

54. Just how can you will be making me personally blush even though you aren’t anywhere close to me personally?

55. Each of my buddies are now actually jealous of y our relationship. All of them want a person like everyone else!

56. When I’m scared, you constantly destroy the spiders for me personally. Thank you for that.

57. Whenever will we fulfill once again?

58. I must say I desire a cuddle. Like, at this time.

59 I like the way you cope with my crazy self. It seems therefore effortless.