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Geek Woman Burlesque Dances and Dishes Out Dating Guidelines

Geek Woman Burlesque Dances and Dishes Out Dating Guidelines

All pictures due to Nick Romano

The 2009 Tuesday during the Bowery Poetry Club in new york, a mixture of nerds and interested spectators arrived to witness the culmination of video gaming and hot chicks in a production titled Played by Geek woman Burlesque.

Mistress U Betcha, clad in a bosom-squeezing dominatrix ensemble, hosted the show although the market sat straight back cheering on as their come-to-life video gaming heroines stripped down their clothes. “How it got started had been really on a dare,” producer Chris Lee told Gamma Squad. “About two-and-a-half years ago I happened to be at an amateur night…and we got dared to do. Therefore, we began performing and doing led to fulfilling more performers then we knew i desired to start out my very own troupe.”

Now, Geek Girl Productions has a consistent slot at the Bowery Poetry Club every second Tuesday for the thirty days. Next month’s show could have a back-to-school theme, that I can only just imagine to suggest sexy school-girl clothes.